INDURE Products for Thermal Power Plants

  • Clinker Grinder

    Clinker Grinder

    Bottom ash is ground in the clinker grinder & conveyed for further disposal.

  • Equalizer Valve

    Equalizer Valve

    Used with an Air Lock Tank, it alternately pressurizes and vents the air lock chamber as the air lock valve switches from one pressure zone to another.

  • Buffer Hopper

    Buffer Hopper

    Used to discharge the fly ash extracted from various fly ash collection chutes to pressure transporter system in case of vacuum/pressure extraction system and pressure transportation system.

  • Bottom Ash Hopper Gate

    Bottom Ash Hopper Gate

    Furnace ash from the bottom ash hopper pass through the gate onto scraper conveyor. The gate is partially submerged in water.

  • Material Handling valve

    Material Handling valve

    Installed under Electrostatic Precipitator for conveying fly ash. It works under vacuum & pressure simultaneously.

  • Knife Gate Valve

    Knife Gate Valve

    Linear shut off valves, used in slurry as well as dry application. Range : 100 NB – 400 NB

  • Square Knife Gate Valve

    Square Knife Gate Valve

    Used for dry solids in gravity feed applications to open or shut off the flow. Custom built for sizes.

  • Hydrobin Gate

    Hydrobin Gate

    Receives bottom ash and coarse ash in slurry form. The ash gets settled and water overflows from hydrobin to the settling tank.

  • Bottom Ash Hopper

    Bottom Ash Hopper

    Hopper collects red hot clinkers discharged from the furnace.

  • Ash Slurry Pump

    Ash Slurry Pump

    Heavy duty, high efficiency pumps to pump out the fly ash or bottom ash.

  • Hydro Ejector

    Hydro Ejector

    A high speed water jet pump used for conveying ash through the pipe line for disposal.

  • Hydromix Dust Conditioner

    Hydromix Dust Conditioner

    Moistens dry fly ash during removal from storage bins to open trucks.

  • Scrapper Conveyor

    Scrapper Conveyor

    This water submerged heavy duty conveyor runs continuously and conveys the clinkers to Clinker Grinder.

  • Dome Valve

    Dome Valve

    100% leak proof shutoff valve used in dense phase system of fly ash conveying. Sizes 50 NB to 300 NB

  • Collector Tank

    Collector Tank

    It collects fly ash slurry from wetting head for the uniform discharge to slurry sump.

  • Rotary Feeder

    Rotary Feeder

    It controls the discharge of free flowing material from hopper thereby sealing against a pressure difference and regulates quantity.

  • Air Lock Tank

    Air Lock Tank

    It gravity feeds dry, freely flowing material from one pressure zone to another, while isolating the pressure zones from each other.

  • Air Oil Converter Tank

    Air Oil Converter Tank

    Compressed air from the mains is converted into hydraulic high pressure by these pressure converters.

  • Rotary Segregating Valve

    Rotary Segregating Valve

    It is a chamber with two gates, while controlling the chamber pressure, aeration at each gate helps to keep the material free flowing.

  • Air Washer Assembly

    Air Washer Assembly

    The conveying air passes through it thus vetting the fine dust and allowing the clean air to escape through outlet.

  • ASH Intake Valve

    ASH Intake Valve

    It acts as a transition from the hopper to the conveying line, a swing type valve to provide on-off ash flow control in vacuum conveying.

  • Double Disc Valve

    Double Disc Valve

    It provides tight shut-off under the most severe service conditions under vacuum and pressure of ash flow.

  • Feed Gate Housing

    Feed Gate Housing

    It is installed below the Bottom Ash Hopper, it controls the discharge of bottom ash and feeds bottom ash to Clinker Grinder.

  • Segregating Slide Valve

    Segregating Slide Valve

    It provides isolation of pneumatic lines in vacuum conveying systems. The floating gate design provides superior sealing.

  • Vacuum Breaker

    Vacuum Breaker

    It is a safety device for breaking system vacuum before tripping off vacuum pumps.

  • Rotary Cleaner

    Rotary Cleaner

    It is a self driven belt cleaner installed under the belt conveyors, shuttle feeders etc.

  • Lifting Beam

    Lifting Beam

    An automatic engaging disengaging follower to simplify underwater installation and removal of stop logs.

  • Flap Gate

    Flap Gate

    Used for directing material flow from a single source to multiple destinations. Designed to handle the gravity feed of dry & any other free flowing material.

  • Feeder Ejector

    Feeder Ejector

    It makes slurry of fly ash from Economizer, APH & ESP hoppers. The high pressure water jet slurrifies the fly ash and discharges it into the sluice way.

  • Shuttle Conveyor

    Shuttle Conveyor

    Moves back and forth on the track system with multiple or continuous pile discharge.

  • Rack & Pinion With Rod Gate

    Rack & Pinion With Rod Gate

    Rod gate Is designed to withstand impact load resulting from large sized lumps falling from the storage silo, above. Rack & Pinion gates are used in an application in which the flow of materials needs to be shut off, and then restored later.

  • Horizontal Gate for B.A. Hopper

    Horizontal Gate for B.A. Hopper

    An isolation gate installed under BA Hpper. it is Partially submerged in Scraper Chain Conveyor for the continuous discharge of bottom Ash.

  • Air Heater

    Air Heater

    It is used for heating the fluidizing air for silos and ESP Hoppers. Available in different heating capacities.

  • Dyke End Spectacle Gate

    Dyke End Spectacle Gate

    It is a shut off gate, used to divert slurry to various discharge points in the Ash Dyke.

  • Flushing Apparatus cum Expansion Joint

    Flushing Apparatus cum Expansion Joint

    Used for continuous handling of ash discharged from Economizer and APH.

  • Traveling Water Screens

    Traveling Water Screens

    It is a mechanical filter system that blocks & collects large debris. This systems prevents demage to pumps and other sensitive Equipment.

  • Stop Log Gates

    Stop Log Gates

    Used in water channels to isolate equipment's such as pumps, screen and service gates for maintenance.

  • Alloy Cast Iron Bends & Fittings

    Alloy Cast Iron Bends & Fittings

    Casting of hardness 400 to 550 BHN for highly corrosive materials & Slurries Available in sizes of 100 NB above.

  • Basalt Pipes, Bends & Fittings

    Basalt Pipes, Bends & Fittings

    A Highly wear resistant Basalt liners for corrosive, erosive materials & slurries. Available in sizes of 100 NB to 600 NB.


INDURE in Cement Industry

INDURE with a skill in manufacturing abrasion resistant casting has been serving the Cement Industry for over 20 years. Various grades of castings viz Heat Resistant, Ni-Hard, Hi-Chrome, Cast Steel, Manganese Steel, SG Iron, Cast Iron etc. are manufactured to suit customers need.

Equipment is supplied to our major OEM customers including global leaders such as KHD HUMBOLDT WEDAG, LOESCHE, THYSSEN KRUPP, etc.

Products Developed For Cement Industry

  • Louver Ring
  • Clamping Ring
  • Pressure Ring
  • Dam Ring
  • Ring 2 Parts
  • Flap assembly
  • Mill Body Liners
  • Grate Beam
  • Omega Body
  • Guide Bush
  • Diptube
  • A Complete Classifier of LM 43.50
  • Stepped Grate Plate
  • Bearing Cartridge
  • Lower Housing
  • Bearing Housing
  • Rotor
  • includes Fabrication


  • Rawmill Distributor

    Rawmill Distributor

    Used in Flap Assembly.IS 4522 Grade 9
    (Heat Resistant Casting).

  • Cooling Tube

    Cooling Tube

    Cast & Machined, used in Kiln Burner
    IS 4522 Grade 9
    (Heat Resistant Casting).

  • Bearing Cover

    Bearing Cover

    As cast prior to machining a part of roller press.
    Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron 500/7
    (S.G. Iron)

  • Armour Ring

    Armour Ring

    Cast & Machined.
    Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
    EN - GJS-700-2
    (S.G. Iron)

  • Flap


    Used in flap assembly at the bottom of Pre-heater Cyclone.
    IS 4522, Grade 9,
    (Heat Resistant Casting).

  • Flap


    Used in flap assembly at the bottom of Pre-heater Cyclone.IS 4522 Grade 4
    (Heat Resistant Casting).

  • Upper Sealing Bar

    Upper Sealing Bar

    Hi-Chrome EN-GJN-HV-6000

  • Lower Sealing Bar

    Lower Sealing Bar

    A part mill body as cast prior to machining.
    Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
    EN-GJS 700-2
    (S.G. Iron).

  • Table Liner

    Table Liner

    For 17.50, Coal Mill, Ground finish at bottom. Hi Chrome HRC 550 – 600.

  • Flap Assembly

    Flap Assembly

    Used in flap assembly at the bottom of Cyclone.
    IS 4522, Grade 7
    (Heat Resistant Casting)

  • Grate Beam

    Grate Beam

    A part of cooler, cast, heat treated and Machined

Typical Products for Cement Industry

  • Double Flap Box

    Double Flap Box

  • Raw Material Distributor

    Raw Material Distributor

  • Double Flap Box Type-2

    Double Flap Box Type-2

  • Single Flap Box

    Single Flap Box

  • Distributor Ring Segment

    Distributor Ring Segment

    Used in cage wheel. Ni-Hard Grade 4

  • Imapct Ring

    Imapct Ring

    A part of separator. Ni-Hard Grade 4

  • Sealing Bar

    Sealing Bar

    A part of VRM as cast prior to machining.
    Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
    EN-GJS 700-2
    (S.G. Iron).

  • Conical Inlet Ring

    Conical Inlet Ring

    Used in Kiln Inlet. IS 4522 Grade 7
    (Heat Resistant Casting)

  • Brick Retaining Support Arm

    Brick Retaining Support Arm

    A part of Kiln. IS 4522 Grade 7 (Heat Resistant Casting)

  • Brick Retaining Wall / Lining

    Brick Retaining Wall / Lining

    A part of Kiln Inlet. IS 4522 Grade 9 (Heat Resistant Casting)

  • Universal for Torque Arm

    Universal for Torque Arm

    As cast and duly Heat Treated prior to machining. GS 52

  • Support for Torque Arm

    Support for Torque Arm

    As cast and duly Heat Treated prior to machining. GS 52

  • A Typical Aluminium Pattern for Stepped Grade Plate

    A Typical Aluminium Pattern for Stepped Grade Plate

  • Cover Plate

    Cover Plate

    IS 4522 Grade 7 (Heat Resistant Casting)

  • Cooler Plate

    Cooler Plate

    A part of Cooler duly Machined. IS 4522 Grade 7 (Heat Resistant Casting)

  • Outlet Segment

    Outlet Segment

    Used at Kiln Outlet.
    IS 4522 grade 9 (Heat Resistant Casting)