Case Studies


Unique Experiences & Innovative Solutions

INDURE has come a long way since early seventies when it supplied its first ash handling plant.

We have had several projects where challenges were unique and our solutions were customized in line with expectations.

Our capabilities have been repeatedly demonstrated in large and complex projects over past several years.

Environment protection and conservation has been a hallmark of what we did and what we continue to do as we keep setting industry standards in ash handling technology and systems.

Few examples are highlighted below:

  • Biggest vacuum ash conveying plant installation in India (Mundra TPS 5 x 800MW).
  • Complete dry ash handling system in a coal fired power plant. (2x300 MW Warora TPS of GMR).
  • India's first dry ash handling system for 500 MW coal fired plant (2x490 MW Dadri TPS of NTPC).
  • India's first 200 MW dry fly ash dense phase system (2x250 MW Bhilai TPS of NSCPL).
  • Successful experience of horizontal centrifugal pump for disposal of high concentration ash slurry.
  • Horizontal centrifugal pump performance in High concentration slurry-project.
  • Slurry line boosters for Long Conveying system.
  • Plant renovation project without affecting the power generation.
  • Saving water with lean slurry disposal system instead of High Concentration slurry disposal system.
  • Effective utilization of sea water for ash handling plant.

Detailed case studies of these and a few more projects are attached